Santa BABY! This isn't your typical reindeer game.

As we begin the holiday week and roll into a brand new year, I am in awe of the collaborative work Dawn Stone Couture has been a part of in 2015. This has been quite a year of transition, inspiration and creation, reminding me that we have so much to give by expressing our inner most thoughts and dreams. This shoot is exactly that. And one that I am completely mesmerized by the magnificent beauty this team of talent made happen. 

Once again, I'm aligned with my good friend, stylist and photographer Stacy Childers, pictured here with me as we prepped our gorgeous model, Antoinette, on a conceptualized body-painted photo shoot. 

The idea for this shoot came from conversations between three powerhouse photogs - Stacy, Jenn Bischof, and Stephen Vosloo. Inspired to create a personal project that all three could express their creativity and strengths, a concept was born: The Silver Doe.

Based in Chicago, Stephen Vosloo is a former publishing house art director turned photographer whose work has been featured on the cover of many New York Times best-selling books. Being that he was in Los Angeles for business, he took a jaunt down the 5 South to join us in San Diego at the E Warehouse to shoot this editorial. Our model, Antoinette, a dancer with stunning lines, curvature and body poses to-die-for, was completely open to allowing our creativity flourish with full-on, all-over silver body paint to contrast with Stephen's lighting scheme and vision. 

The crown is a Dawn Stone Couture original, one that had actually been featured in a fairytale fashion show, that I reworked and painted silver to complement our "Doe." 

Inspiration is what we live for. It's in our breath, our hearts, our minds and our soul. I am grateful for this and every opportunity to collaborate with amazing artists to create real works of passion. Thank you to this incredible team! I look forward to what's in store for Dawn Stone Couture in the upcoming NEW YEAR! 

Editorial Photography & Lighting: Stephen Vosloo Photography
BTS Photography: Jenn Bischof
Stylist: Stacy Childers 
Crown Designer & Stylist Assistant: Dawn Stone Couture
Location: E Warehouse  
Model & Dancer: Antoinette Sinquimani