A Coronado Island Thanksgiving

Giving thanks on Turkey Day is so much more special when sharing the occasion with great friends. It was such an honor for us to host Thanksgiving Day at our home in Coronado - more importantly, having our wonderful family and friends join us to celebrate this grateful day! 

Being a floral and event designer, it is to be expected that I would set our festive dinner table like a photoshoot. Having my good friend and photographer Stacy Childers take professional photos wasn't. I am so unbelievably thankful for my friendship with Stacy and her amazing husband Dan. We have collaborated on so many wonderful projects this year with many more to come! THANK YOU Stacy for capturing our day of Thanks! 

Sunflowers, oranges, and pineapples were just a few of our favorite decorative elements to enhance our feast on Coronado Island. We love celebrating the holidays and styling for special occasions. Thank you for sharing in our special day of gratitude and we hope to share many more festivities with you!  

Photos by Stacy Childers Photography